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About Us

Handcrafted Doors For The Ages.


If you are an Architect, Designer, or Luxury Home Builder and are searching for the finest, most elegant doors available anywhere – for either a commercial or residential project – your search is over.


You dream it. We deliver it.

Monarch Custom Doors specializes in providing our customers with the most beautiful, handcrafted, built-for-the-ages doors found anywhere in the world.

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Choose from our galleries of fine, meticulously built premiere doors, or our portfolio of standard doors, or let our artisans work with you and your set of specifications to craft unique doors and gates to meet your distinctive needs.  Whether the doors are made from solid woods, exotic veneers, bronze, copper or beveled glass, they are made from the finest materials and handcrafted by our group of true artisans.



Your search is over.

Incorporate the beauty of hand crafted entries and doors into your designs. Send us your specifications and requirements and we will provide a proposal.


Your search is over.

Few things impact a room as strongly as it's portal. Monarch custom doors will remind clients of your design skills for years to come.


Your search is over.

Nothing compares to the beauty of a hand-crafted door as it opens into a room. Your clients will forever admire the quality in your work.

Home Owners:

Your search is over.

Every time you open your doors - no matter which room or closet - you will feel it's quality and experience its beauty.

Design Portfolios

Here in our Design Portfolio you will find many possible designs you might want to consider. If you have another design you like which you may have seen in a magazine, or from some other source, just send us a copy of it, or draw it on a napkin and we will work with you until you have exactly what you want. Or, you can choose to have us design a completely new one-of-a-kind door.

Whichever design you choose, we will work with you until you have the door(s) you want. Doors that are built for the ages. Just contact us and we will start the process.


Any materials you wish.


There is a large selection of materials for you to choose from.  You might choose a single material such as mahogany or bronze, or have us craft a door for you in more than just one material.

The most popular wood materials for doors are mahogany, maple, cherry, cedar, hickory and fir.  Or, there are reclaimed woods and exotic woods which we can obtain for you also.  Additionally, there are many rare veneers which could also be selected.

In the metals, cast iron or wrought iron doors are very popular.  Also, there are the more expensive metals like bronze, copper and brass.  Some combination of these materials with different glasses can make for a truly stunning entry or interior door for special rooms such as home theaters, wine rooms, offices and conference rooms.

Whichever design and material you choose, if you choose a one-of-a-kind door our artisans can create one of breathtaking beauty as seen in the bronze home theater door pictured on our website in the section “About US”, or you can choose a design and material from our standard offerings of fine hand-crafted doors.

We can craft a door to any dimension – whether it is a standard height, width and thickness, or a special size required for a non-standard opening such as a church, security, or hidden door.  Whatever your need, we will work with you until you have the door, or doors you require.


 Select your woods

Woods of Choice (Hardwoods)   The woods listed here are all great choices for any door. Only Maple is recommended for use in only interior doors, the others can be used for either interior or exterior doors. All of these woods are


 Select your metals

Great metal choices   Whether the entire door is composed of metal, or it is made from a combination of metal, wood, glass and even gold inlay, our crafts people will ensure your satisfaction. There are several fine choices of


Contact Us

It’s never too early to start thinking about the design for your door and the materials you would like it made of.



Whether your door selection is one from our standard portfolio of doors, or a unique one-of-a-kind door which will require us to develop a specification for your approval, it is important that we have sufficient time to make delivery as requested.  Additionally, the selection of certain rare woods, or the need for specialty construction of a door – such as a security door – all adds time to the process.


One-of-a-kind doors, depending upon material selection and complexity, might take weeks, or even months to craft.  But these works of art are worth the wait.  They will be treasured and admired by all who walk through them.  Our artisans and craft persons will build you doors which could never be matched by “production” methods.

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The Monarch Factories and Team

Just like the woods we select, which come from many different forest in the world, the factories, craftspeople and artisans who will be assembling, and perhaps hand carving the door designs you have selected, are located in many different countries. Whether you have selected solid wood, metal, artistic glass, or some combination of these materials, we employ the artisans best qualified to work in the material(s) of your choice. Some of these people reside in the USA, some in Europe, and some in Asia. Wherever they are, we insure that the work is done where the most qualified individuals are located – of course, we also insure that given the same quality of work, that we will do that work where it is most cost effective for you. Here, in the above photo, you see just one of the factories where the process of crafting your door(s) begins. Raw material are being collected and prepared to move on to the next step in the assembly process. On the lower left side of the photo is a stack of partially assembled wood parts used in an order for a number of mid-priced office doors. In the following photos are workers performing just a few of the activities which are part of […]

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Limitless Design Options

Design doors for any space, and time, anywhere in the world. We can produce anything. Send us a design of your own – either in CAD form or on a napkin – and we will discuss with you the estimate and the time required to finish a one-of-a-kind door for as many rooms as you wish. Contact us!           Whether your requirements are for a new municipal building, a 80 story office building, a casino in Macau, or a luxury residence in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else in the World, no matter how complex the need, Monarch Custom Doors will work with you until you have exactly what you want. Our design department will work closely with you to insure your door(s), gate, railings, or other custom wood or iron work are made by the best artisans and from the finest selection of materials.   For the more complicated design requirements, you will receive regular progress updates and photos, so you will always know exactly what the status of the project is Custom bronze door which stands 15’ (4.57 meters) high and 10’ (3.05 meters) wide and weighs 6,750 lbs. (3,065 kilograms) installed in a Saudi Arabian villa. These doors needed to be engineered so that the hinges […]

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Glass Patterns & Door Colors

You dream it. We deliver it.   There are nine standard door colors included in the price quote you received. If there is another door color you require our factory will do its best to duplicate it. There are thirteen glass patterns available from our factory in China and twelve glass patterns available from our factory in Mexico. For more information concerning glass patterns, door colors and pricing, please email us at or call us at 512-712-4223, or 702-895-9650.

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